Zimbra 7 Highlights

The Zimbra server was upgraded to version 7.2.3 on Saturday, June 1, 2013.

Notable Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Windows 8 is supported.
  • Internet Explorer 10 is supported.
    Note: IE 10 must not be running in Compatibility Mode, and should be set to IE5 Quirks Document Mode to display correctly. 
  • Calendar events can be moved using Chrome or Firefox.
  • When composing an email in the web client and selecting Always compose in new window and Add new contacts to Emailed Contacts, the recipient address now registers in Emailed Contacts correctly.
  • Fixed issues that caused the cursor to be unresponsive to clicks of buttons when composing.
  • Task list view fields are updated after they are edited.


Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO) Enhancements for 7.2.3 Include:


  • Windows 8 is supported.
  • ZCO works with Outlook 2013.
    Note: If Outlook is upgraded from prior versions to 2013 it is necessary to reinstall ZCO.   Support for Outlook 2013 is considered beta due to a known issue with search.
  • Shared folders that are accepted in Zimbra Web Client are shared correctly.
  • Users can select a persona when sending an invitation.
  • ZCS Resource accounts can be selected from GAL for Outlook.
  • Suggested Contacts folder in Outlook now maps to ZCS Emailed Contacts folder.


  • Users can rename shared ZCS Calendars from Outlook.
  • Resolved a ZCO bug that appeared when "unchecking" a share in the Zimbra Shares dialog box.
  • Propose New Time feature for invitations is enabled and is available as a right-click when opening the meeting item.


  • Signatures now can include graphics.
  • Read-Receipt preferences are synced to ZCO.
  • The Outlook sync frequency settings are ignored and sync is set for every 60 seconds.  However, syncs will stop if the user clicks “Work Offline” or ticks “Disable Scheduled Send/Receive.”
  • Users can now send an attachment to a group by right-clicking on a Word document file and selecting Send to Mail Recipient.
  • ZCO Log files are easier to read and configure and are more manageable for troubleshooting.


Resources for Zimbra 7

For more information, visit the Email and Calendar Documentation site.


Contact the ITS Service Desk at 756-7000 or servicedesk@calpoly.edu


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