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On Sunday June 30, 2013 your Portal was upgraded.

Visit the summer upgrade information page

Frequently Asked Questions about the New Portal Upgrade


Portlet vs Channel, what's the difference?

They're essentially the same thing. In the new portal portlets replace channels

How do I find people?

Use search at the top of your portal page to find people, departments, and club information. The new search feature searches across campus websites, the campus directory, and the portal portlets.

How do I find a Portlet (Channel) that I once had?

Use search at the top of your portal page to find portlets.  Enter a keyword that's related to the portlet that you are looking for.  Make sure you've selected the Portal Content tab to see your results.  Then add the portlet to your layout (it will add to the tab that was current when you did the search)

Where are my CMS Peoplesoft portlets?

They're still there.  Click on Customize > Add Portlets > Tab Packages.  Add the CMS package of portlets to your layout by selecting Subscribe when hovering over the package with your mouse. A new CMS tab will be created for the new content.

Where are the ASI portlets?

They're still there.  Click on Customize > Add Portlets > Tab Packages. Add the ASI package of portlets to your layout by selecting Subscribe when hovering over the package with your mouse. A new ASI tab will be created for the new content.

Why did you change my layout?

Many users asked for a much less cluttered layout in their portal.  User studies showed that users use a fairly small number of portlets on a regular basis.  In an effort to unclutter the portal experience we've included the essential (and in some cases important)  portlets.  If you don't see a portlet that you need, simply use the Customize button to open a feature that lets you add additional portlets.

Where is the Registration & Enrollment tab?

The Academics tab replaces the Registration & Enrollment and the Advising tabs.  Usage studies of student users show that they prefer to have the content from these tabs combined and make no distinction between the two tabs.  So in the interest of the user community the two tabs have been combined into the one Academics tab.

Where did all my stuff go?

If you don't see a portlet that you once used, try searching for it. Use search at the top of your portal page to find portlets.  Enter a keyword that's related to the portlet that you are looking for.  Make sure you've selected the Portal Content tab to see your results.  Then add the portlet to your layout (it will add to the tab that was current when you did the search)

Where did the Enrollment Verification and Official Transcript Requests portlet go?

The portlet has been renamed Degree Information and moved to the Academics tab.

Where did the Bookmarks portlet go?

The Bookmarks channel was not migrated to the new version of the portal.  As an alternative you can use Search to locate content on the campus web.  If you need a bookmarking service then several options are available:

  • Bookmarks on your local browser.  Chrome and Firefox allow persistent bookmarks that are available wherever you use the tool.
  • Other bookmarking services are available that provide bookmarks no matter where you access them from.  Here's a short article on what's available: Five Best Bookmark Management Tools

How do I add or Customize Tabs & Portlets?

Tabs and Portlets can be added to the portal in two ways. 

  1. To add a new tab select "Add Tab" button in the top navigation bar. This will create a new tab that can then be named. To rename a tab in the future, select the tab and then click once more until the edit mode appears. Clicking off of the tab will save the changes. 
  2. To add portlets to a tab select the "Customize" button in the top navigation bar and search for the portlet to add. This will add the selected portlet to whichever tab the user is currently in. To remove the portlet from a tab, click the "X" in the top right corner of the portlet and click ok on the confirmation popup.

Original Portal Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is My Cal Poly?

My Cal Poly is a web portal that features information and services in a format that you can personalize.

  • PolyLearn Moodle (Learning Management System)
  • Single-Click Access to many widely used campus applications and computing services such as email and calendar.
  • Self-Service for employees
  • Campus Announcements and Events
  • College, Department, and Club Information

2. Who can use My Cal Poly?

Cal Poly students, faculty, staff and new applicants who know their Cal Poly User Name and Cal Poly Password can use My Cal Poly.

3. What is my Cal Poly User Name and Cal Poly Password?

Your Cal Poly User Name and Password give you access to centrally supported computing services and the My Cal Poly Portal.

To establish a Cal Poly Password or to view a list of systems that use the Cal Poly User Name and Password go to the Cal Poly Password Manager FAQ.

4. What are the Web browser versions and settings that are required to use My Cal Poly?

My Cal Poly is designed to work with current versions of Web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Cal Poly provides technical support for these applications through the ITS Service Desk.

Browser cookies and JavaScript must be enabled in order for My Cal Poly to function properly.

These features are on by default in most browser applications. If you have disabled either function please see your browser documentation or contact the ITS Service Desk at 756-7000 for assistance.

An Important Note for All Browsers

For an absolutely secure logout, you must close your browser after logging off of the application.

5. What is the URL for My Cal Poly?

The url is:

6. What do I need in order to access My Cal Poly?

You will need to know your Cal Poly User Name, your Cal Poly Password, and have a SSL enabled (secure sockets layer) web browser.

7. How do I start using the My Cal Poly Portal?

To use the My Cal Poly Portal, go to

Enter your Cal Poly User Name in the Cal Poly User Name field.
Enter your Cal Poly Password in the Cal Poly Password field.
Click the Login Button. 

8. Does My Cal Poly have a session timeout?

As a security precaution, My Cal Poly and the applications that are accessed through My Cal Poly all have “inactivity timeouts.” Timeout intervals are set at the system level are defined by campus, CSU, and aligned with industry security standards. If you are timed out of any application or My Cal Poly, you simply need to log back in.

To avoid a timeout, a user must periodically press the enter key or move from page to page within an application or on the web. Searching for, entering, or deleting data on a field on a page without pressing the enter key is not considered activity. Session timeouts are completely independent of one another. The inactivity timeouts for some systems are listed below:

My Cal Poly Portal 30 Minutes
PeopleSoft 45 Minutes
Enterprise Wizard 30 Minutes

9. What are tabs?

Tabs are similar to folders on your desktop. Each tab is a separate screen on your page and can contain several portlets. Tabs are used to organize the various portlets in a format that suits your needs. Tabs can be managed by clicking the Customize link. You can create new tabs as well as customize the current tabs. 

10. How do I add content (customize) my portal page?

Once you have logged into My Cal Poly, you can rearrange the portlets by dragging and dropping them.

To further customize your page, click on Customize button in the toolbar at the top of your My Cal Poly screen and follow the wizards.

11. How do I subscribe, delete, or remove a portlet? And Skins?

From the Customize menu and follow the online wizards. Skins can be changed under the Colors tab of the Customize menu.

12. How do I reset my layout to the My Cal Poly default?

You may reset your layout to match the current default set of colors, tabs, and portlet subscriptions for the entire portal by selecting the Customize link at the top of the screen > Use Now! > Search for "Reset My Layout". Hover over the Reset My Layout box and click on Use.  The portlet will display.  Follow the instructions for resetting your layout.  You must logout then log back in again to see the changes.

13. What are Cal Poly Announcements?

The Announcements Portlet is a powerful tool that allows users to receive information from various Cal Poly groups they are affiliated with. This can include campus-wide, departmental, course, or club information. Users can subscribe or unsubscribe to the available Announcement Portlets. By default, the Announcements Portlet is located on the Home tab of the portal.

14. How do I subscribe to additional Announcements threads?

To subscribe to additional Announcements threads (topics), select My Subscriptions at the bottom of the Campus Announcements Portlet. Select the announcement threads to subscribe to or remove and then select Update Settings. Additionally, under My Preferences users have the option to hide announcement abstracts.

15. How can I post events or Announcements?

Campus Announcement guidelines apply to faculty, staff and students. For portlet specific announcements, users will need to contact the administrator of that portlet.

16. How do I check my grades?

To view your grades, go to the Home tab click on View Previous Quarters in the My Classes portet and then click on Poly Profile.

17. How do I download software?

 Step 1   Log into the Cal Poly Portal.

Step 2   In the “Single Click Access…” portlet,
                click on “Technical Service Request”.


Step 3   Click on “New Software Request”.

New Software Request screenshot

Step 4   Search for the publisher, title.

Publisher and Title screenshot

For example:

Example of title search, results returned

Select the radio button for the title, then click on “Import/Replace”.

Step 5   Accept the terms (radio button), then click “Finish”.

Cal Poly License Agreement screenshot

Step 6   Accept the download method (radio button), download the .exe and compressed files
                (click on the links).

                Complete the software download by clicking on “Finish”.

Accept terms, download and license file information.

18. What are the Library Portlets?

The Library portlets are a suite of services provided by the Robert E. Kennedy Library. They access library hours, research databases, the on-line catalogue, checkout status and on-line renewals, and much more. By default, the Library portlets are located on the Library tab of the portal.

19. What is the Personal Info Portlet?

The Personal Info portlet is a portlet that allows the students change preferred email, phone, and address information stored by the university for personal, billing, and diploma purposes.

20. How do I change my Email Delivery Address (EDA)?

Login to My Cal Poly and go to the Personal Info portlet. To update your Email Delivery Address, click the edit button next to your current Email Delivery Address. Update your address and click the “Update” button.

21. Can I apply for Scholarships on My Cal Poly?

Absolutely! Cal Poly’s online scholarship application is available as a portlet in My Cal Poly, but only accessible during the application window. To learn more about Cal Poly scholarships and the dates during which applications are accepted, please visit the Cal Poly Financial Aid website.

23. How do I check or add money to the balance in my student account?

The Student Account or Payment Info portlet displays your detailed student account balance and financial transactions. Provided there are transactions listed for the current term, you may add money to your account balance by selecting the link "Make a payment". By default, this portlet is located on the Money Matters tab of the portal.

24. Who do I contact for other questions?

If you have any other questions about My Cal Poly, please call the ITS Service Desk at 805.756.7000. The ITS Service Desk telephone support hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.


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