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Collaborating with Other Wiki Users


You can like pages, blog posts, and comments similar to those in social networking sites.  


You can add comments to pages and blog posts, or highlight some text and add an inline comment. The full editor is available for page comments. Inline comments support rich text, links, and @mentions.

Comments are threaded, so you can make your comment a direct reply to another comment.  The Quote style in the editor also allows you to indicate where you're quoting another user.

  1. Scroll down and enter a comment in the comment field.
  2. Choose Save.

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Watching a page or a space allows you to receive notifications when someone edits or comments on a page.

  1. Choose Watch.

  1. Choose to watch this page or all pages in the space.

Notifications will be sent by email and to your workbox when the page is edited or a comment is added. The workbox is located in the toolbar (2) and shows all your recent notifications and tasks. You can customize how you want to be notified in your profile settings.

By default you'll automatically be set to watch all pages you create. To stop watching, choose the Watch button and deselect Watch page.

The Manage Watchers options allows you to specify people who will be notified when the page is changed.

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Share and Mention

If you need to notify a person that a page has been created, there are two ways you can do this:

First you could share the page with the user.  To share a page:

  1. Go to a page choose Share.
  2. Enter the name or email address of a user.
  3. Enter a message and Share.

The user will receive an email and a notification in their workbox

A second way to notify a user about a page or blog post is to mention them on the page or in a comment. 

  1. Go to a page and choose Edit.
  2. Type @ followed by part of the user's name, for example @josh – autocorrect will locate the user.

Josh will be notified in his workbox and by email.

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There may be times you want to make a page only visible to some users, or only visible to you. In other instances, you may want users to view and comment on but not edit a page. 

You can only apply restrictions to your own pages.

  1. Go to the space homepage and choose ---> Restrictions
  2. Choose Restrict editing of this page
  3. Enter a group name or username, for example 'project-team' – autocomplete will search for the user or group. 
  4. Choose Save



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