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Information Technology Services provides secure, reliable and efficient academic and administrative computing and communications services to enable Cal Poly's mission and objectives. ITS employs more than 100 professional staff in five operational departments and the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

  • Administrative Computing Services (CMS Support, DBA Support)
  • Communications and Computing Services (Central Systems Administration, Media Distribution Services, Network Administration and Technical Services)
  • Information Services Infrastructure (Advancement Services, Application Infrastructure, Collaboration Support, Information Management and LAN Server Services)
  • User Support Services (Service Applications and Service Desk)

For a complete list of ITS services and support, visit the the A to Z index of services.
To request an organizational chart, send email to

ITS Principles

  1. Meet our commitments with integrity.
  2. Provide excellent service to the University.
  3. Develop and implement creative, cost-effective and successful solutions to meet the technology needs of the University.
  4. Ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and systems.
  5. Understand that technology is transformative, with broad impact on the University community.
  6. Collaborate and cooperate with all members of the campus and CSU community, and be impartial when conflicts arise between the needs of different constituencies.
  7. Maintain a professionally challenging and rewarding work environment for our staff.

The Cal Poly community values a broad and inclusive campus learning experience where its members embrace core values of mutual respect, academic excellence, open inquiry, free expression and respect for diversity.

Advisory Committees

The Information Resource Management Policy and Planning Committee (IRMPPC) is charged with the ongoing assessment of strategic plans and policies related to the campuswide management and use of information systems and services. The committee has four standing sub-committees: the Administrative Advisory Committee on Computing (AACC), the Instructional Advisory Committee on Computing (IACC), the Student Campus Computing Committee (SC3), and the Information Security Committee (ISC).

The AACC, IACC and SC3 committees provide input from users of computing and communications services to ITS, and communicate information about computing and communications services to the constituencies they represent. Recommendations from the committees are studied by the Vice Provost for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, who determines the impact, benefits, costs and other factors involved in implementing the recommendations and forwards that analysis to the IRMPPC for appropriate action.

The Information Security Committee reviews and recommends information security policies and procedures and promotes sound information security practices to ensure the security (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) of information in the University’s custody, regardless of format.

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