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Account Eligibility & Purge Information

Non-current faculty, staff, and student computing accounts will be targeted for purge based on the criteria below. Visit the Request An Account page for a description of accounts that are subject to automated account maintenance/purge.

  • Students: Upon graduation or after not attending classes for three (3) quarters.
    • Graduate students who have applied for and been accepted for a future quarter will not be targeted.
    • Students working to complete projects after graduation MUST submit an Exemption Request.
  • Faculty: After not having taught a class in four (4) months.
  • Staff: When the Cal Poly Human Resources system reflects a non-current status.
  • ASI/Foundation/Auxiliary: When they are no longer sponsored by their organization.
  • Affiliated Persons: After the end date on the Affiliated Person Request Form on file. Affiliated Person Request forms must be submitted annually.
  • Emeritus Persons: Upon their death. Accounts are not transferable to others.
  • Club Accounts: When they are no longer recognized by ASI and are no longer in the Cal Poly Directory.
  • Departments and Committees: When they are no longer officially sanctioned or recognized by the University.

Account Purge Process

  • Three days after the account owner is no longer current in a Cal Poly Human Resources system, an email is sent to advise that Cal Poly computing accounts will be locked in two (2) weeks and deleted in four (4) weeks.
    • Accounts will automatically be targeted throughout the year based on the eligibility requirements referenced above. This will be the only email notification that is sent.
    • Also at this time, the Cal Poly Directory record will be suppressed.
  • The computing accounts will be locked two (2) weeks after the person is ineligible and the initial email is sent.
    • Accounts can be temporarily unlocked for “emergency” account management. To request this, contact the ITS Service Desk at 805-756-7000 or
  • Accounts are deleted two (2) weeks after they are frozen.
    • Accounts that have been purged/deleted cannot be restored.

Purge Exemptions

  • Exemptions from purge can be requested using the Affiliated Person Request Form.
  • Please note that Exemption/Affiliated requests require budget “chart field” information and administrative approval. You must plan ahead and submit a completed form to avoid service interruption.

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