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Cellular Government to Personal Transfer Procedures

Effective February 1, 2012, State employees may transition their assigned Cal Poly cell numbers to their own personal cell phones.  Department telephone coordinators will initiate the process for assumption of liability (Step 1) and employees will continue the transition (Steps 2-6) by using the following procedures:

Step 1:  Telephone Coordinators submit a Cellular Services Form through the portal to provide information regarding the employee, cellular number, and request date to authorize the release of the cell phone number to the employee.  They will indicate if the employee will keep the department owned cellular equipment (employee purchase) or if the old device with the charger should be returned as department cellular equipment.

NOTE:  Based on the cellular service provider's billing cycle and the date the employee transfers the number to a personal account, there can be one or more months of charges for the Cal Poly cell phone appearing on the departments' telephone bill.  It is the responsibility of the department, working with the employee, to reconcile any charges and identify payment method.

Step 2:  IS Service Desk Telephone Support will contact the cellular service provider within five (5) business days to provide authorization for the employee’s cell phone number to be removed from our government account and assigned to a personal account.  Once a note authorizing the release of liability has been added on the cellular number by the cellular service provider, the employee has thirty (30) days to complete the transfer.  IS Service Desk Telephone Support will notify the telephone coordinator and employee via email when the cellular number is available for assumption of liability.

Step 3:  Employees should familiarize themselves with cellular service provider's personal rate plans and service options by contacting them directly.  (Employees will need to change to non-government rate plans during this process.)  Service options for AT&T Wireless or Verizon Wireless can be viewed at or .

Step 4:  Upon receipt of the confirming email from the IS Service Desk, the employee will call the cellular service provider to finalize the establishment of their new account.  The cellular service providers may require a credit check to initiate the new account and will offer consulting about personal rate plan choices.  Contact information is below:

  • AT&T Wireless  - 888-444-4410, option 2 then option 5
  • Verizon Wireless  - 888-832-4540
  • Other Cellular Service Providers - contact as appropriate

Step 5:  If the employee is eligible for an equipment upgrade, a device may be ordered on their new account and shipped based to their new contact information.  This may also be accomplished at a cellular retail store after the new account is in place. 

Step 6:  If remaining with the University, employees should request personal cellular discounts by visiting our site via and providing their Cal Poly email address to qualify with either AT&T Wireless or Verizon Wireless. The cellular service provider will send an email to the employee with discount details and a link so the employee may complete the process to apply the discounts to the new account.  Other cellular service providers should be contacted directly to inquire about possible discounts and their processes. 

IMPORTANT:  Cellular devices purchased on the Cal Poly government account with State funds are considered State property.  If an employee is leaving Cal Poly employment, a new phone must be purchased with the transfer process and the old device returned to the department.  The department may keep the device and re-purpose it to another department member, retain it as a "back-up" phone, or surplus the property by contacting the Facilities Help Center at 756-5555.  Remember that all sensitive data should be removed from the device before it is reused or given to Facilities as surplus.

Once a Cal Poly cellular number has transitioned to a personal cell phone account, it may not be assigned back to a Cal Poly government account.  If the department determines the employee’s cell phone should return to government liability, the employee will be given a new 805 area code cellular number.  Clarification of this policy and other campus cellular telephone guidelines are found at

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