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CMS PeopleSoft Account Request - Instructions for completing new and modification requests


In order to comply with data security and audit requirements from the Chancellor’s Office, the New CMS Account Request Form was developed to ensure proper approvals are obtained and documented prior to gaining access to Cal Poly sensitive data.

Definitions of Terms used in the CMS Account Request Form

  • Recipient – Employee you are requesting security access for.
  • Requestor – Yourself or the Supervisor requesting security access for Recipient.
  • Approver – Person who authorizes the Recipient’s CMS security access.
    NOTE:  Approver must be a Head of Department or higher.

Information Needed to Complete Request

1. Cal Poly username of the following  (e.g.

  • Recipient of CMS Security Access.
  • Approver of CMS Security Access for Recipient.
  • Alternate Requestor, if you are entering a request for another person.

2. The CMS or other security access roles required for the Recipient.  NOTE:  These roles will be requested on Step 2 of 2 -CMS Role Details in the request.

How to complete the CMS Account Request Form

  • Log into the Cal Poly Portal.
  • Under the “My Apps” Channel, select Technical Service Request.
  • Click the Tab labeled New CMS Account Request and follow instructions on the form.

Quick Reference for finding frequently requested roles
NOTE:  These roles are available for selection on Step 2 of 2 -CMS Role Detail 

  • Student Timekeeper: CMS PeopleSoft Human Resources --> PeopleSoft Payroll --> STUPAY_I.
  • Department Timekeeper: CMS PeopleSoft Human Resources --> PeopleSoft Payroll --> EUTIM_TL.
  • Admissions Inquiry: CMS PeopleSoft Student Administration --> Admissions --> SLO_AD_ADGENERAL.
  • Admission Evaluator: CMS PeopleSoft Student Administration --> Academic Advising --> (Enter in text box).
  • Department Scheduler:  CMS PeopleSoft Student Administration --> Student Records --> (Enter in text box).
  • Dashboards:  CMS PeopleSoft Student Administration --> PolyData Warehouse Enrollment Management Dashboards --> (Enter choices).

What happens next:

Once the CMS Account Request is completed and you have clicked Submit for Approval, an email message is sent to the Approver listed in the request.  The Approver must edit the request to indicate their approval or denial of this request.  If approved, the case is forwarded to the various CMS Security Analysts for granting CMS access.  If denied, the Requestor will be notified and will have an opportunity to edit the original case to close the request or correct deficiencies that caused the Approver to reject the request and re-submit for secondary approval.  Additionally, the Requestor will be notified as the various CMS security access is granted for the Recipient and, also, once the request has been completed.

NOTE:  If person is changing Departments, please fill out two requests:

  1. To remove employee current access, and
  2. To add new access/roles required. 

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