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My Cal Poly Portal - Quick Start

The My Cal Poly portal (aka the portal or My Cal Poly) is a website that gathers your Cal Poly information in one place and gives you access to many widely used campus applications.  When you log into the portal your access to applications and information is based on your relationship with the university (e.g. your status as a Student, Staff, Faculty, your class term, your job function, etc).

Visit the My Cal Poly Portal Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more.

The Single Click Links menu, located on the left side of the My Cal Poly portal, links to applications you will use at Cal Poly.

Not seeing a link? Use Edit Links to add or remove links to the Single Click Links menu.

The Edit Links link on the Single Click section

Expand or shrink the menu by clicking the arrow to the right of Single Click Links.

The expand or shrink arrow on the single click section

Customize Your Layout with Tabs and Portlets

Explore the tabs across the top of the page and the portlets located within each tab.  The Home tab contains portlets that you'll need regularly. Easily customize and organize the layout to your liking.

Add Content

Click the Customize button at the top right of the page and type keywords into the Search box (on the left side) to find additional content for your portal layout.  Roll over the content you want and click the Add button. This places a new portlet onto the selected tab.

The Customize drop down dialog

Move Content

Don’t like where something is on your tab? Move it where you want by clicking the title bar and dragging it to a new location on your tab. You can’t drag a portlet to a different tab, so instead, click the tab, click the Customize button, and add the portlet.

Note: Some portlets are fixed on your layout and can’t be moved.

Shows the moving of a portlet within the portal layout

Delete Content

Want to remove a portlet?  Click on the X (at the top-right corner of a portlet.  Deleted a portlet by accident?  Simply re-add it to a tab as described above.

Add or Delete Tabs

Need a new tab?  Click the Add Tab button at the top right of the page. To rename a tab, select the tab and click once to activate edit mode. Clicking off the tab will save the changes. 

Searching for Content

Don’t see what you need?  Try searching. You can search Cal Poly’s web, portal, and people by typing your search term in the upper-right search box and clicking Go.

The search input box at the top right of the portal layout

Results are organized into 3 columns with results from Cal Poly Directory, Cal Poly Web and Portal content.

Search results from the portal

University Communications

The portal is also used as a means for the university to communicate with you using portlets.


View information in one place about events held all over campus. Included is information on Campus Life, Club Sports, Student related events as well as Performing Arts Center events.


Subscribe to topics that interest you with information provided by campus organizations. Users can subscribe or unsubscribe to the available Announcement portlets.

My Subscriptions


The notification dropdown in the upper-right corner of the page communicates pertinent information to you that requires action. You can dismiss a notification at any time by clicking on the X to the right of the message.

Show the Notifications drop down at the top-right of the portal layout

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