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iPad Acquisitions (Purchased or Gifted)

It is the department’s decision and responsibility to select the model, data plan, accessories, peripherals (including assistive technologies), warranty, applications, and to provide funding and technical support.

Step 1– Approval / Online Request

  • The user obtains written approval (email) from their supervisor and Campus IT Coordinator (CITC).
  • The CITC submits the online iPad order form indicating their approval and the primary use (checkout, instructional or productivity). The CITC should contact their budget analyst for PeopleSoft chartfield for billing.

Step 2 – Purchase / Processing

  • The ITS Service Desk purchases and receives the iPad from the Cal Poly University Store using the PeopleSoft chartfield or ProCard provided on the request form.  If the iPad has been gifted to Cal Poly or acquired through external funding sources, it must be delivered to the ITS Service Desk (The Natatorium, Building 46, Room 100).
  • The ITS Service Desk applies a property tag and reports the asset to Property Accounting (property tag, serial number, user/custodian, department, and location).

Step 3 – Pickup

  • The ITS Service Desk notifies the user that the iPad is ready for pick-up.
  • The ITS Service Desk sets up an appointment with the user to install Profiles:
    • The Security Profile (configures Cal Poly Wireless and a Passcode)
    • The Email & Calendar Profile (configures email, calendar, and LDAP)
  • The user completes the Property Accounting Off-Campus Use of Cal Poly Equipment form at when they pick up the iPad.  The ITS Service Desk scans the form and returns it to the user for departmental signatures and submission to Property Accounting.

iPad Order Form

Ownership and Application Purchases

All devices, accessories, applications and data plans acquired for state use remain the property of the University and are covered by existing policies, standards and best practices.

Users are allowed to purchase and install applications on the iPad. It is the responsibility of the user and department to adhere to software licensing provisions.

Application purchases will be managed on an individual basis at the department level, using one of the following approved methods:

  • College-funded, Apple Store redemption card
    (pre-defined list of applications, approved by a department)
  • Pre-approved, online purchases with department ProCard

Support and Repairs

AppleCare is available optionally at the time of purchase. Hardware repairs are not handled on campus and are sent to an Apple certified repair depot (a replacement usually takes 2-3 days).

iPad support is the responsibility of the department; backups are the responsibility of the user.


By design, an iPad is a single user device and should be assigned to an individual.  The iPad should be used for official university business only.

If the iPad will be used to hold sensitive information, the user must have a clear understanding of the security level regulations and use an approved security profile and encryption.

Departments that checkout iPads will need to implement specific security processes.

All users have a shared responsibility to protect the confidentiality, integrity and condition of Cal Poly information assets. For additional information, visit the Information Security website.

Redeployment Process

If a university-owned iPad is re-deployed to another individual:

  • All data must be removed prior to the new user accessing the device
    (per campus information security standards).
  • Additionally, if the device is linked to an iCloud account, the previous user should sign out beforehand (otherwise, a restore of the device will require that user's Apple password). 
  • The Cal Poly Security Profile must be applied for the new user.
  • The department’s Inventory Designate updates any forms
    (e.g. property transfer, off-campus use).

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