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Baseline Policy

Telephone Support is budgeted to provide each full-time faculty (or full-time equivalent), each full-time State staff member and each State department as determined by the department head with a telephone line, a digital telephone set with standard features and a voice mailbox.

  • Additional lines, sets and features are available on a chargeable basis.
  • Grant projects or independent operations that includes ASI, Foundation, outside contractors, etc., are charged for phone services.

Standard Features

  • Access 1: Receive or initiate calls
  • Access 2: Receive or initiate calls
  • Inquiry: Initiate calls only
  • Accept 2nd Call: When activated, LED is illuminated, allows a second incoming call to ring through on Access 2 if Access 1 is busy, or vice versa.
  • Call Transfer: Completes the call transfer function Call Hold: Exclusive Hold: Call can only be retrieved for your phone
  • Common Hold: Call can be retrieved from any phone that has an appearance of called number Last Number Redial: (off-campus numbers only) Allows you to press the * key three times to redial the last off-campus number dialed from your phone.
  • Call Diversion: Forwards calls to an extension pre-programmed by the ITS Service Desk, normally to voice mail, 66245
  • Follow-Me: User programmable feature to forward calls to another campus extension
  • Speed Dial Buttons: User programmable feature to store frequently called numbers
  • Ringing Signal Tone: User programmable feature to program 10 different ringing signal tones
  • Ring Options: User programmable feature that allows users to set/change the ring pattern for individual line buttons on their phone.
  • Voice Mail: Basic voice mail service - 30 messages with a maximum length of 3 minutes each are stored for 30 days.
  • Conferencing: Allows users to add more callers to their conversation (call). With the first party on the line, press an available access button. When that party answers, press 3 to connect the calls. Repeat as needed.
  • Recent Calls:  Allows users to scroll back through the last 20 phone numbers they have dialed from  or received by their campus phone number. 

Analog Service

Analog devices such as fax machines, modems, and answering machines will not work on the digital telephone line that is provided as part of baseline services. Contact your department’s Telephone Coordinator to initiate a request for analog telephone service.

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