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Residence Hall Telephone References

The University provides analog telephones in Residence Halls with the ability to dial on-campus, local, and toll-free numbers. To place a long distance call, please obtain a calling card or credit card. Voice Mail is not provided to Residence Hall telephones. Students are encouraged to bring an answering machine if this feature is desired.

For assistance with a Residence Hall telephone, please contact ResNet at 805-756-5600.

Placing Calls

Campus Numbers: Five-Digit Extension (6-xxxx)
Local Calls Off-Campus: 7 + Telephone Number
Long Distance Calls: Use calling card or cellular phone.
Last Number Redial: * * * (Off-Campus Numbers Only)
Toll-Free Numbers: 7 + 1 + Toll-Free Number + 9 (Tone Sender On)
Pager Numbers: See Sending Touch Tone Digits / (Tone Sender On) Directions
Calling Cards: 7 + 1 + Toll-Free Calling Card Number + After Call Is Answered, Press 9 (Tone Sender On) + Follow Your Calling Card Dialing Instructions

Sending Touch Tone Digits (Tone Sender On)

This feature is used when connected to a call that requires additional digits/numbers such as calling card calls, pager access, bank-by-phone, etc. Tones will not sound in your ear but viewing the display will show/confirm the digits/numbers you are pressing.

  • Press 9 after the dialed number answers.

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