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The DiaVox VPS-NT5000 Voicemail System (VMS) integrates advanced Voice Messaging capabilities with Call Routing, Audiotext, Voice Response Mail Boxes, Station Specific Call Processing and many other functions. You will hear a clear, friendly voice guiding you through the system to perform all messaging and call routing functions.

Getting Started

Your voicemail box number is the last five digits of the extension (ex. 6-XXXX).  Initially, your password is the same number as your voice mail box number. On mail box password resets, it will go back to the default.  

Note: It is highly recommended that you change your mailbox password periodically and keep it confidential.

Changing your mailbox password

  • Access your mailbox.(See instructions below)
  • Press 6.
  • Press 3 to change your mailbox password.
  • After listening to the current password, press 1 to enter a new password.
  • Press 9 to save the new password.

    Note: It is highly recommended that you change your mail box password periodically and keep it confidential.

    Tip: You can NOT use 0 as the first digit of your mail box password.

Accessing your mailbox from your phone

  • Lift handset and access dial tone from your own line.
  • Dial 6-6245 and wait for instructions.
  • Enter your password.

    Note: You will hear your mailbox status telling you how many new messages you have, how many total messages you have.

    Tip: If your “message waiting” light is flashing, you have a message! You can then press the “message waiting” button and go directly to the voice mail system.

Accessing your mailbox from an off-campus phone

  • Call 756-6245.
  • Wait for the Cal Poly Campus Main Greeting.
  • Press *, then #.
  • Enter your mail box number (6-XXXX).
  • Enter your password.

    Note: You will hear your mail box status telling you how many new messages you have, how many total messages you have

Accessing your mailbox from another on-campus phone

  • Call 6-6245
  • When the system says “please enter your password...” Press * #
  • The system will prompt you to enter your voice mail box number (your five-digit extension - 6-XXXX), and your password

Alternate method of accessing your voicemail box

  • Call your own phone number.
  • When your hear your recorded message begin to play, press #.
  • You will then be prompted to enter your password.

Recording/Editing your personal greeting

You can have four separate greetings recorded, and switch between them. The system will send your caller to the active greeting if you do not answer your phone.

Only greetings 1, 2 and 3 should be used as your main personal greetings.  (For example, greeting 1 can be your standard greeting while greetings 2 and 3 can be your "out of the office or vacation" greetings.)

Important:  The caller will be sent to greeting #4 (instead of your active greeting) if your line is busy.  Only record greeting #4 with "I'm on the phone right now" instead of an "out of the office or vacation" message.

  • Access your mail box.
  • Press 6.
  • Press 1 to record / edit your personal greeting.
  • After listening to your active mail box greeting, press 2 to record this greeting.

Note: To choose another greeting, press 1 followed by the greeting number your wish to activate.

  • Press 9 to save your new greeting.

    Tip: You may advise your callers that they can bypass your greeting by pressing * to go directly into “record” mode.

Recording/Editing your mailbox name

  • Access your mailbox.
  • Press 6.
  • Press 2 to record / edit your mailbox name.
  • After listening to your mail box name (if recorded), press 1 to record your name.
  • Press 9 to save your new mailbox name.

Listening to messages

  • Access your mail box
  • If there are new messages, the system will start playing your first new message immediately. Otherwise, the User Main Menu will be played.
  • Pressing a number key while listening to a message, or after a message has played, will interrupt the message and the corresponding function will be carried out (see following table):
    Function: Press:
    Reply to this message (from another user) 1
    Copy this message 2
    Erase this message 3
    Skip to next message 4
    Save this message (saves for 10 days only) 5
    Fast-Forward during this message * * 6
    Repeat/Rewind this message * * 7
    Play Message Date/Time Stamp 8
    Exit 9
    Pause message play (2 minutes, max.) * * # 
*  Fast-forward, Rewind, and Pause are only available while listening to the message.

Tip! The “copy” feature allows you to forward a message to another user and add comments of your own, if you wish. While listening to, or immediately after listening to a message, press 2 to copy (forward) - enter the mail box number of the person you wish to forward this message to - press 2. If you wish to record your comments, press 1, or press 9 to complete the copy process.

Sending Messages

  • Access your mailbox.
  • At the User Main Menu, press 1.
  • Record the message to be sent.
  • Press # when finished.
  • Enter the destination mailbox number.

    Note: The system offers three optional functions which can be used before completing the “Send Message” procedure:
Function: Press:
Edit this message 1
Message delivery options 2
Cancel message destination 3
Continue and send message 9

Note: Always complete the “Send Message” procedure by pressing 9.

Email notification of Voice Mail

  • First you need to request this feature be turned on via your Telephone Coordinator.
  • You can turn this feature on and off via option # 8.
  • Deleting messages in your email will not remove the message from your mail box.

NOTE: You MUST add the email address as one of the allowed senders to this email alias for the notification from the Voicemail system to work.

Voice Mail General Information

  • Messages are stored on the voice mail system for only 30 days.
  • You can have a total of 30 messages stored in your mailbox.
  • The maximum message length is 3 minutes.

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