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Voicemail Tips and Tricks

Getting Started

Your voicemail box number is the last five digits of the extension (ex. 6-XXXX).  Initially, your password is the same number as your voice mail box number. On mail box password resets, it will go back to the default.  

Note: It is highly recommended that you change your mailbox password periodically and keep it confidential.

Changing your mail box password

  1. Access your mailbox.
  2. Press 6.
  3. Press 3 to change your voicemail box password.
  4. After listening to the current password, press 1 to enter a new password.
  5. Press 9 to save the new password.

Tip: You can NOT use 0 as the first digit of your mail box password.

Accessing your mailbox from an off-campus phone

  1. Call  756-6245.
  2. Wait for the Cal Poly Campus Main Greeting.
  3. Press *, then #.
  4. Enter your mail box number (6-XXXX).
  5.  Enter your mail box password.


  1. Call your own phone number.
  2. When you hear your recorded message begin to play, press #.
  3. Enter your mailbox password.

Note: You will hear your mail box status (ex. how many new/total messages you have.)

Recording/Editing your mail box name

  1. Access your mailbox (see instructions above).
  2. Press 6.
  3. Press 2 to record / edit your mailbox name.
  4. After listening to your mailbox name (if recorded), press 1 to record your name.
  5. Press 9 to save your new mailbox name.

Recording/Editing your personal greeting

You can have four separate greetings recorded, and switch between them. The system will send your caller to the active greeting if you do not answer your phone.
Tip: You may advise the caller that they can bypass your greeting by pressing * to go directly into “record” mode.

Only greetings 1, 2 and 3 should be used as your main personal greetings.  (For example, greeting #1 should be your standard greeting, greeting #2 is commonly used for sick and/or out of office and #3 is your "vacation" greeting.)

Important:  The caller will be sent to greeting #4 (instead of your active greeting) if your line is busy.  Only record greeting #4 with "I'm on the phone right now" instead of a "sick/out of the office/vacation" message.

Recording your personal greeting:

  1. Access your mailbox (see instructions above).
  2. Press 6.
  3. Press 1 to record/edit your personal greeting.
  4. After listening to your active mailbox greeting, press 2 to record this greeting.

Note: To choose another greeting, press 1 followed by the greeting number you wish to activate and press 9 to save your new greeting.

Email notification of Voice Mail

  • First you need to request this feature be turned on via your Telephone Coordinator.
  • You can turn this feature on and off via option # 8.
  • Deleting messages in your email will not remove the message from your mail box.

Voice Mail General Information

  • Messages are stored on the voice mail system for only 30 days.
  • You can have a total of 30 messages stored in your mailbox.
  • The maximum message length is 3 minutes.

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