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Creating a Wiki Space and Adding Content

Creating a Space

If you need a new Wiki space, please log into the Cal Poly Portal and submit an SRS ticket and ITS will create it for you. 

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Create a Blank Page

New pages are created as a child of the current page. 

  1. Go back to the space homepage by clicking on the space name link or logo in the sidebar.
  2. Choose Create > Blank page

  3. The blank page appears; enter and a page name and select Save.

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Edit the content of a page

To edit an existing page:

  1. Go to the page you just created - you can use the sidebar or search to get to a page.
  2. Choose Edit (or use the keyboard shortcut E).

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Headings and text

Confluence uses styles, so you will notice there is no Font or Size tools.  To apply a style, highlight the text and choose a style (for example paragraph, or heading) from the style drop down menu on the toolbar 

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Images can be attached to a page, like attachments in an email.  You can also search for images attached to other pages, or use images from the web.

  1. Choose Insert > Files and Images.
  2. Browse for an image file on your computer. 
  3. Choose Insert.

Your image appears on the page.  When you select the image, the Image Properties toolbar  appears.  This toolbar allows you to:

  • Change the size of the image on your page
  • Add a border.
  • Add an effect
  • Add a title and alt text.

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Links can be created to external sites, other confluence pages and spaces, recently viewed pages, attachments, or anchors in your text.

To add a link to another Confluence page:

  1. Move the cursor to a new line and choose Link on the editor toolbar. 
  2. Choose Search.  
  3. Type the name of the page you want to link to - the quick search will appear as you type.
  4. Choose the page from the list.
  5. Enter the link text (if you want it to be something other than the page name).
  6. Choose Insert.

You can also attach a link to an image - select the image and choose Link from the image properties toolbar.

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Page layouts

Page layouts help structure the layout of your pages, allowing you to position text, images, macros, and charts.  You can add as many sections as you need, and each section can have a different column layout.

  1. Choose the Page Layout button on the editor toolbar.  The Page Layout menu appears

  1. Click on the Add section button.  A section is added to your page and the dotted lines indicate the section boundaries.
  2. Choose one of the column layouts from the toolbar to apply it to the section.

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Macros extend what's possible on a Confluence page. There are macros for navigation, for special formatting, for reporting and adding media.

To add a macro to a page:

  1. Edit your page.
  2. Choose Insert > Other Macros.
  3. Choose a macro from the macro browser.
  4. Enter any parameters the macro might need.
  5. Choose Insert.

The macro appears as a placeholder in the editor. Select the placeholder to edit or remove the macro. Once you save your page you will see the macro content.

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Assigning Space Permissions

Permissions can be set that grant Groups, Individual Users or Anonymous Users access to a site.

  • Site spaces – Permissions for Sites are controlled by the Site Administrator.
  • Personal spaces – Personal spaces can be kept private, or can be opened up for other users to view or edit. Personal spaces are listed in the People Directory.

    To edit the permissions for your Personal space, click Space Tools in the lower left sidebar to update permissions and give others access.

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