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DocuSign Unit Coordinator Contact List

DocuSign Unit Coordinators – or DUCs – are the 'point person' for DocuSign in their unit or department. If you have questions about DocuSign or need some help, you should talk to the DUC for your unit. Units without a DUC are encouraged to contact a parent unit's DUC or reach out to a familiar DUC for assistance.

Unit DUC Name DUC email
AA - Technical Services Jeff Van Kleeck
AA - Technical Services William Thompson
AFD - ANTS Terri Salazar
AFD - Fac Svcs Wendy Macdonald
AFD - Facilities Michael Brennan
AFD - Human Resources Joaquin Escalante
AFD - Human Resources Margie Coolidge
AFD - Human Resources Cindy Piper
AFD - Payroll Services Lori Serna
AFD - Payroll Services Genae Jenkins
AFD - University Campus Programs Netherly Martinek
AFD - Vice President, Office Staci Shoals
Agricultural Education & Communication Kari Roose
Alumni Relations Heidi Lorge
CAED City & Regional Planning Janet Murrieta
CAED City & Regional Planning Melanni Wiedrich
CAED - College Arch & Env Design Mariam Emyan
CAFES EIM Kathy Daniels
CAFES Tech Kevin Williams
CAFES - Wine and Viticulture Carrie South
Cal Poly Corporation Ken Manning
Cal Poly Corporation Darren Mcclellan
CTS Maneesh Kumar
Center for Excellence and Stem Education Kaylene Wakeman
COSAM - Kinesiology Alison Ventura
Extended Education Andrew Bresnan
Extended Education Nicole Beaudoin
General Engineering Moncerratt Peralta
Grants Development Susanne Gartner
Grants Development Trish Brock
International, Graduate, and Extended Education Cheri Baumgarten
Library Information Technology Michael Price
Mechanical Engineering Larry Coolidge
OCOB - Computer Lab Joe Emenaker
President, Office Kelly Sebastian
Registrar, Office Maureen Muller
Research & Sponsored Programs Amy Velasco
SBS - Procurement Services Stephanie Albright
SBS - Payment Services Dawn Rudder
Student Academic Services Susan Stewart
Student Affairs Rick Salomon
Univ Devel - Devel, Admin-Fin Heather McMillan
Univ Devel - Fundraising Ericka Horn
UPD Amy Voorhies


What if my DUC can't answer my question?

If a DUC runs into any issues they cannot resolve on their own, they have access to a mailing list they can use to contact other DUCs and DocuSign administrators for further assistance.

What if my unit doesn't have a DUC?

Ideally, someone from your unit will need to submit our DUC Update webform to request they get added as your unit's DUC. It's up to your department to determine who that should be. It may be a good idea for whoever will be using DocuSign the most to become your DUC, as they will be getting the most practice with the tool, and most likely to be able to help other users. Your DUC will need to be staff or faculty.

As stated above, units without a DUC are encouraged to contact a parent unit's DUC or reach out to a familiar DUC for assistance.

My unit has a DUC on this list, but that person has left Cal Poly

You can use the DUC Update webform to let us know who will be replacing them.

Adding or Removing DUCs

Use the below form to have users added to or removed from the list of DUCs.

You can Add a New DUC, which will often be for a department that doesn't yet have its own DUC. You can also Replace an Existing DUC, which will remove a current DUC and replace them with another person.

DUC Update Request Info
Cal Poly email of the new DUC.
What deparment or unit the new DUC will represent.
Cal Poly email of the person that will no longer be a DUC.

Cal Poly email of the person submitting this request (if different than the New DUC).

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