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Decision Guide – Is DocuSign Right For You?

Before you dive in, we highly recommend you consult with your DocuSign Unit Coordinator to determine if DocuSign is the correct solution for any process you want to make electronic.

In addition to your DUC, our Decision Guide page can help you decide whether DocuSign is right for you:
Determine if DocuSign is the Best Solution

Creating and ​Sending Documents


DocuSign has several guides to help you get started with sending documents, including a 2-minute video tutorial and a written guide that covers each of the basic steps. These guides are useful even if you plan to create templates or PowerForms - ways to send the same document more than once.

The video and list of steps can be found on their Sending Documents page.

Templates and PowerForms

For access to more advanced document routing options available through Templates and PowerForms, please visit this page:
Templates and PowerForms

Best Practices

Do: Double-check Recipient Names and Emails

You don't want to send to the wrong person! Typos in an email address can actually point to someone else's inbox, potentially giving the wrong person access to signing your document.

Don't: Create forms in DocuSign that don't belong to you or your unit.

Each campus form (and associated process) is managed by a campus office. Do not assume a form may be handled via DocuSign without first confirming with the responsible office.

Don't: Use DocuSign for long-term document storage or retention.

Documents will be removed from DocuSign 90 days after they have been completed. If you need to keep documents for your records, make sure you download and store them in a secure, encrypted location.

Do: Store forms you download from DocuSign in a secure, encrypted location.

If you need to keep documents long-term and download them for safe-keeping, make sure they're kept safe! Documents should be stored in a secure and encrypted location. If your computer is not encrypted, make sure you download documents on a machine that is.

Don't: Sign Contracts

All contract signatures at Cal Poly are subject to the University’s Contract Authority Policy.  Please read this policy and ensure that people added as signers to the workflow are operating within their authorization for contracts and agreements. Legal Policies.

Don't: Use DocuSign with Third Party vendors without contacting Contracts and Procurements

Contact Contracts and Procurements before uploading and routing documents with third parties. It is also important to have approval from the third party vendor to send a document via DocuSign. Please contact vendors prior to uploading a document to verify they do not require the document to have a “wet” signature.

Don't: forward DocuSign notifications requesting your email signature.

For security reasons, avoid sending DocuSign notifications to anyone else.

Getting Support

If the above resources can't answer your question, there are a few ways you can get additional help with DocuSign:

  1. Sign up for a training webinar on Signing and Sending documents offered directly from DocuSign. You can register online.
  2. Utilize DocuSign's self-directed online training resources. In particular you may find some of these useful:
  3. Never be afraid to put your question into a search engine like Google! If you've run into a problem, most likely, somebody else has had the same issue.
  4. Contact your DocuSign Unit Coordinator (DUC). If you aren't sure who that is, find out here: DocuSign Unit Coordinator List
  5. Talk to DocuSign directly: Contact Support
    • You can call or live chat with DocuSign if you provide the Cal Poly account number! You can find this under your user information dropdown in the top right corner when you are logged into DocuSign.

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