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Receiving and Signing a DocuSign Document


To advance campus operations and boost productivity, Cal Poly is using DocuSign — an eSignature program that enables users to send, sign, and approve documents electronically. A more sustainable alternative to paper forms, DocuSign also provides a faster method for obtaining required signatures. The method is more secure, trackable, and legally binding. A number of departments across campus are using DocuSign, allowing employees to electronically sign a large variety of forms.

Signing a DocuSign Document

When your signature is required on a DocuSign form, you will receive an email message requesting that you review and sign the document.

Step Example

1. You will receive a Cal Poly branded email from DocuSign. Select Review Document.

ideaThe email may contain a private message that provides additional information about your role in the signing process.

Screenshot of the email from DocuSign. The Review Document button is pointed out with an arrow. The email also indicates who it is from and contains a private message.

2. Enter your Cal Poly email address and select Company Login.

Screenshot with the heading Log in to DocuSign with (a) the textbox for an email address and (b) the Company Login button. A cancel button is also available.

3. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to enter your standard Cal Poly username and password. Select Sign In.

Screenshot displaying the standard Cal Poly login. The Cal Poly logo is followed by (a) the Username textbox, (b) the Password textbox and (c) the Sign In button.

4. You will be taken directly to the form you have been asked to sign. Select Continue to review the form.

Screenshot of the initial DocuSign screen for the form being signed. The page heading reads Please Review & Act on These Documents. The body of the page contains a greyed-out form with the Continue button pointed out with an arrow.

5. After reviewing the document, select the Sign button to add a signature to the document.

ideaPlease see the "Declining to Sign" instructions below if you have chosen not to sign the document.

Screenshot of a portion of the form displaying several signature lines. The standard Sign button is positioned on the signature line for the current user and pointed out with an arrow.

6. If you haven't already created a signature, you will be prompted to select one. After doing so, select Adopt and Sign.

ideaAlternatively, you can select Draw to create your own signature.


Screenshot of the Adopt Your Signature textbox. The screen displays a confirmation of the user's full name and initials. A preview of the DocuSign generated signature and initials is displayed. The Adopt and Sign button is pointed out with an arrow.

7. Your chosen signature will appear on the document. Select Finish.

Screenshot of a portion of the signed document with the heading Approvals. The form displays the newly added signature on the signature line. This form also displays a number of empty signature lines for additional roles. The Finish button is pointed out with an arrow.

8. If you have unsigned documents, you will be offered the opportunity to sign those. Select No Thanks.

Screenshot displaying a portion of the screen with the title You're Done! Want to Sign Another Document? The buttons Sign and No Thanks are displayed. The No Thanks button is pointed out with an arrow.

9. You will be redirected to the main DocuSign dashboard.

The DocuSign main dashboard is displayed with the title Sign or Get Signatures. Sections on the page include Overview, What's New, My DocuSign ID, Tips and Tricks, We Want Your Feedback, and Help and Support.

Declining to Sign

Follow these steps if you choose not to sign a document after reviewing it.

Step Example

1. Select the Other Actions menu in the upper right corner of the screen and choose Decline to Sign.

Screenshot displaying the Other Actions menu with an arrow pointing out the Decline to Sign option. Other options in this menu include Finish Later, Print & Sign, Assign to Someone Else, Help & Support, About DocuSign, View History and View Certificate (PDF).

2. Select Continue to decline signing the document.

ideaIf you would simply like to have the document modified before signing, select Finish Later and contact the sender.

 If you choose to continue, this document will be void and inaccessible to other signers. The dialog box presents three options, Continue, Finish Later and Cancel. The Continue button is highlighted with an arrow.

3. Add a reason for declining and select the Decline to Sign button.

 (a) Please provide a reason for declining and (b) the Decline to Sign button. A Cancel button is also available.

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