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About Using Docusign For Your Department

DocuSign is a secure, campuswide, legally-binding eSignature application with limited workflow functionality. DocuSign not only captures signatures, but also allows you to add the signer’s initials, full name, or email address, the date signed, and many more data fields to hold text of any sort. This data can be retrieved separately after the document has been routed or combined and downloaded as a PDF. There are many ways to use this tool to simplify the collection of signatures and data associated with a particular form.


  • Make signature approval workflows significantly faster, or redesign workflows around Docusign to streamline business processes. Docusign is a completely electronic and paperless signature service.
  • Send documents in a variety of file formats to multiple people and check on the status of signatures. Reduces the need to track down paper documents.
  • Sign documents on any web browser or use the mobile application for iOS, Andriod, and Windows Mobile.

Decision Guide — Is DocuSign Right For You?

Before you dive in, we highly recommend you consult with your DocuSign Unit Coordinator (see Learn About DUCs, below) to determine if DocuSign is the correct solution for any process you want to make electronic.

In addition to your DUC, our Decision Guide page has information that can help you decide whether DocuSign is right for you:
Determine if DocuSign is the Best Solution

Learn About DUCs — Getting Support

A DocuSign Unit Coordinator, or DUC, serves as a "point-person" who helps out faculty and staff in their unit (or other friends and colleagues) who have questions as they try to learn and use DocuSign.

Ideally, each unit should have its own DUC — this gives users someone to consult with who is familiar with their area, and who understands their needs and the context of their goals. The DUCs can leverage knowledge of their own areas to provide more direct, efficient and effective support than DocuSign’s support can offer.

For this reason, we will always encourage users to reach out to any DUCs they have in their area first, but there may be situations where users contact DUCs outside their immediate area (such as users from units too small to have their own DUC).

DUCs also have access to additional resources and other DUCs to help them help you.

You can use the DocuSign Unit Coordinator List to find out if your unit already has a DUC.

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