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Getting Access To Templates

Templates can be created by users who are granted elevated permissions by DocuSign admins with approval from a DocuSign Unit Coordinator. If they approve you for Template access, your DUC (and ONLY your DUCcan submit a request to to have your permissions changed.

You can find your DUC here:
DocuSign Unit Coordinator List (DUCs)

Building Templates

DocuSign has several guides to help you getting started creating and using templates, including a ~2.5 minute video and a written guide that covers each of the basic steps. Note that since PowerForms are built off of a Template, these guides may be useful to you even if your ultimate goal is to create a PowerForm.

The video and an index of the basic steps can be found on their Working with Templates page.

For additional help with templates, contact the DUC that approved your template access.


Templates can be turned into PowerForms by DocuSign administrators. PowerForms can be posted on the web, allowing any user the ability to initiate the document (somewhat like posting a PDF form on a website).

Your DocuSign Unit Coordinator must review and approve your Template for use as a PowerForm. If approved, your DUC (and ONLY your DUC) can submit a request to to have the PowerForm enabled.

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