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Email Notification of Voice Mail

This service provides an email notification to you each time a message is received in your voicemail box and contains the actual voicemail message as an attachment. Once the service is enabled, individual users can turn the message on and off through the voice mail system by pressing option 6, then 8 after logging into their voice mail box. If requesting this feature for multiple extensions, please use this Excel spreadsheet instead.

Service requests typically take five (5) business days to process and the request must be submitted by the Department Telephone Coordinator via our portlet telephone administration forms.  There is no charge for this service.

We can only send this notification to Cal Poly email accounts.  If you would like multiple people to receive the email notification, please create a Sympa email alias which contains all the email addresses to notify.  

NOTE:  You MUST add the email address as one of the allowed senders to this email alias for the notifications from the Voice Mail system to work.


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