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CalPolyGuest - Guest Wi-Fi Access

1. Select Network

Open the list of wireless networks on your device and find CalPolyGuest.


2. Create Account

The login page should appear automatically. Follow the Need an account? Click Here link, which will take you the Visitor Registration page.

Create Account

3. Visitor Registration

Enter your information in the required fields and check the Confirm box, then click the Register button.

Visitor Registration

4. Visitor Registration Receipt

Click the Log In button.

Visitor Registration Receipt

5. Network Login

Enter your username and password, check the Terms box, and click the Log in button. After logging in, you will be taken to the Cal Poly home page.

Network Login

6. Email Confirmation

To complete the process, you must open the confirmation email and follow the "click here" link while logged in. This must be done within the 15-minute grace period.

Email Confirmation

7. Account Confirmation

You will be taken back to the Visitor Registration receipt page. Click the Confirm button to enable your account. Please note, this confirmation step can take up to 30 seconds.

Account Confirmation

8. Account Activated

Now, your guest account is confirmed and active. Guest accounts are valid for five days, after which you may re-register using the same credentials.

Download a PDF of the Guest Wi-Fi instructions.


Blank Login Page

  • Issue: After entering your credentials on the login page and clicking the ‘Log In’ button, you are directed to a blank login page without a message telling you what is wrong.
  • Solution: This happens if your account is expired. Please re-register your account following the steps above.

Multiple Devices

  • Issue: You are unable to connect multiple devices to CalPolyGuest.
  • Solution: Any single guest account may only have three active sessions at any one time, which translates to three devices online concurrently.

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