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The following issues were seen with migrated data in Office 365:

Calendar Notifications in Office 365: Unknown or Not Invited People 

  • This issue can be fixed by the user.

If you are receiving message from unknown users or events, this could be as a result of calendar permissions on your calendar or members of the meetings calendar. To change this behavior for your calendar permissions you need to change their level of access in Office 365 to editor.

When someone accepts or declines a meeting and has granted other people calendar delegation to their account, the delegate will also receive an email notification of the accept or decline action. If the delegate from above has granted delegate rights of their calendar to other people, those individuals will also receive an email notification regarding the meeting acceptance or decline of the primary calendar owner.

ITS is looking into this issue to determine if we can make a global configuration change.

In the interim, you can review the calendar delegation rights that you have granted to others and modify them if desired.  The Editor option appears to provide the same functionality as Delegate without sending notifications to all the delegates.

  • Editor allows a person to make changes to your calendar.
  • Delegate allows the same permission as an Editor, and allows the person to send and respond to meeting requests on your behalf.  The option to view Private Events can also be selected.

NOTE: Notification permissions are set to the default of being sent only to the Delegate. If you would also like to receive calendar notifications and change this default setting, refer to Delegate Permissions - Calendar Notifications


  • This issue can be fixed by the user conditionally.

It has been observed that sub-calendars cannot be deleted or removed in the Office 365 web client.

If you would like to delete a sub-calendar and you have the Office 365 desktop client, go to the desktop version of your calendar and delete it from there.

Declining a Calendar Event

  • This issue can be fixed by the user.

In Office 365, when a user declines an invitation, the event is completely removed from the user's calendar. It is not possible to view an event after it has been declined.

If you would like to view the event without accepting the invitation, select "Tentative" attendance on the event invitation. If you have already declined the invitation and would like to view the event, go to your Deleted Items folder and change your response to either "Accept" or "Tentative." 

Pinning Apps to Navigation Bar

  • This issue can be fixed by the user.

If you would like to pin applications from the App Launcher to the Navigation Bar, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the App Launcher. 
  2. Hover over the specific application and select the More Options  icon. 
  3. Select "Pin to nav bar."                                                       
  4. This will add the application to the Office 365 bar at the top of the screen.

You can add up to three applications to the Navigation bar. 

Fixing Recurring Notifications

  • This issue can be fixed by the user.

OneDrive Authentication Notification

Many users have been receiving an authentication notification each time they log onto their computer, asking them to re-authenticate to the Cal Poly portal in order to use OneDrive.

For more information on how to amend this issue, click here

Office 365 for Desktop Notification

Many users have also been receiving a notification suggesting that the user downloads Office 365 for desktop for free. 

To repair this issue, click on the notification link when it appears. Then select "Next." You should no longer receive this notification. 

Modern Authentication Fix

  • This issue can be fixed by the user.

Due to an issue regarding Modern Authentication, Outlook for desktop has not been authenticating correctly for certain computers. 

For information regarding the fix for Modern Authentication, click here

Bugs within Office 365

  • This issue can be fixed by the user. 

For information regarding Office 365 bugs, click here

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is the application that can be accessed through the Cal Poly portal, and offers one terabyte of storage for all Cal Poly users.

  • For Windows users: This application needs Modern Authentication in order to run on Windows.
  • For Mac users: OneDrive for Business is not available to Macintosh computers as of yet. Apple predicts that it will become available sometime within the 3rd and 4th quarters of this year (July-December 2015). 

NOTE: Office 365 and OneDrive for Business (2016) for Mac can only be run on version OS 10.10 or newer. 

Permissions Error for Email Attachments

  • This issue can be fixed by the user conditionally.

It has been observed that some email attachments sent to users cannot be opened due to a Permissions error. This could happen for a couple reasons:

  • Office 365 handles and prevents the opening of certain file types for the user's account safety. The attachment that was sent could be one of these file types.
    • To view the types of files blocked by Outlook, click here
    • To see how to share your files safely, click here.
    • To see if you can change which types of files Outlook blocks for you, click here
  • Interface glitches also occur from time to time - to fix the individual blocked attachment, close and relaunch the browser, and attempt to open the attachment again.

For more information and documentation regarding blocked attachments, refer to the Microsoft Office 365 Blocked Attachments help page. 

Forwarding Multiple Email Messages

In Zimbra, users were able to select an option for forwarding multiple messages at a time. In Office 365, you must select the messages you would like to forward, create a new email, and drag and drop the selected messages into the new email. This will add all selected emails as attachments. 

Added Middle Name 

  • This issue cannot be fixed by the user.

There are group of users that have had their middle initial added to their account name within Office 365 Mail. This creates issues regarding the Search feature - a user that has been given a middle initial will not appear when searched by first and last name.

As of yet, this issue has not been resolved, but is being reviewed by the ITS team. 

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