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Office 365 New and Upcoming Features

In our efforts to keep you informed of the new features and enhancements Microsoft is rolling out to Office 365 accounts, we share the following information with you.

Coming Soon: Outlook Web Client Look and Feel

Microsoft is rolling out a new look to the Outlook web client.  The release is currently in Beta, meaning it is not available to everyone and any identified bugs will likely be fixed by Microsoft.

Notice of New Outlook Features

Currently the changes are being incorporated into the Mail component of the Outlook web client.  Some of the new features include:

Improved Search Feature

New Photo Storage Feature

New Email Expressions Feature

New Suggestions Feature

The Inbox has a modern look:

Modern Look for Outlook

In addition, there are several changes to the Preferences interface:

New Options for Viewing Messages in Conversation View

Available Now: Travel and Package Notifications

In the coming months, Microsoft will be making enhancements to travel notifications and package delivery notifications.  Office 365 will extract essential information from the an airline reservation email and present it in a card view within the email.

New Option for Travel Notifications

In addition, Office 365 will extract essential information from the email regarding a package delivery and present it in card view.

New Option for Package Delivery

Coming soon: Share Calendar Availability

This new feature provides available times for a possible meeting within an email.  Within an email reply, you can bring up your calendar and graphically drag and drop slots you currently have available on your calendar.  These options are then shown as an availability card in your email.

Coming soon: A New Home Page for Office 365 users

Redesigned Interface

Microsoft will begin rolling out a new home page experience to Office 365 users.  Now, when you log in to Office 365, you have immediate access to all your online applications and recent documents.  The new home page experience will be available on phone, tablet, PC, and Mac platforms.

Seamless Office Install

Microsoft is making it easier for Office 365 users to get the latest version of their mobile applications and desktop software.  You will be able to download and install Office on your device with one click from the home screen.

Microsoft is also making it easier to install Office 365 mobile applications from your desktop. Simply choose the application you want to install, then send an email or an SMS to the device you want to install it on.

Tool Tips

New tool tips will highlight new and unused features, including recently added applications and actions users need to take.


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