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Office 365 New and Upcoming Features

In our efforts to keep you informed of the new features and enhancements Microsoft is rolling out to Office 365 accounts, we share the following information with you.

Here Now: New Outlook on the Web Toggle

Beginning January 28, users will begin to see a new Outlook on the web opt-in toggle to switch to the new Outlook on the web client.  The toggle is in the top-right corner of the Inbox.  Users can opt-in or opt-out as often as they want.

Below are some of the new Inbox settings:
New Outlook on the web Settings

Here Now: Accept and Do Not Send a Response

When both the meeting organizer and attendee are in Office 365, there will be an option to accept the meeting invitation without without sending a response.

Accept Event but Don't Send a Response

  • The responses will still update the tracking information but no email is sent.
  • The option applies to all responses -- Accept, Tentative, or Decline.
  • This feature is only available when responding using a modern Outlook client:
    • Outlook on the Web
    • Outlook 2016 for Mac
    • Outlook for iOS and Outlook for Android

The feature is not yet available in Outlook for Windows.

Here Now: Message Protection

When composing a message, there is a new feature that allows you to prevent a message from being forwarded.  In a new message window, click on the Protect button on the message toolbar.
New Message Menu
At the top of the message, a notice will appear regarding actions the recipient can't perform on the message.

Do Not Forward

To change the permissions, click on the Change Permissions link in the notice.  Additional options will be displayed.  If you want to remove the assigned permissions, click on the Remove link in the notice.

Below are the available options:
Change Message Permissions

Coming Soon: New Icons for Office 365 Apps

In support of Office apps that allow you to work together in real-time from almost any device, Microsoft has developed new Office icons to reflect these product changes. Below are the new icons which will begin rolling out in the coming month.

New Word Icon

New Excel Icon

New PowerPoint Icon

New Outlook Icon

Here Now: Improved Calendaring Attendance

When viewing the details of a calendar entry, you will now be able to see other people's responses to a meeting request, even if you aren't the organizer.

Coming Soon: Outlook on the Web Option to Show Declined Meetings

Currently, when declining a calendar entry, the entry is removed from one's calendar.  Outlook will have an option that will all one to show declined calendar entries.

Coming Soon: Outlook on the Web Hide Attendee List

When creating a meeting, the organizer can choose to hide the attendee list from attendees, similar to the BCC feature in an email.

Coming Soon: Forwarding Meeting Invites

Meeting organizers will have an option to designate whether their meeting can be forwarded to others.

Coming Soon: Support for Multiple Timezones

There will be support for multiple timezones on a calendar.  In addition, calendar entries can start and end in different timezones.

Coming Soon: Changes to Recurring Meetings

The default end date is changing from "No end date" to prompting people to choose an end date.  No end date will still be an option.

Coming Soon: Share Calendar Availability

This new feature provides available times for a possible meeting within an email.  Within an email reply, you can bring up your calendar and graphically drag and drop slots you currently have available on your calendar.  These options are then shown as an availability card in your email.

Coming Soon: AutoSave Enabled by Default

This change means that for documents stored in OneDrive for Business, you will not have to worry about losing your changes. Changes will be stored in the cloud automatically, and users will no longer have to explicitly press Ctrl + S or the Save button.

If other people are working on the same file, AutoSave lets them see changes in a matter of seconds.

Coming Soon: A New Home Page for Office 365 users

Seamless Office Install

Microsoft is making it easier for Office 365 users to get the latest version of their mobile applications and desktop software.  You will be able to download and install Office on your device with one click from the home screen.

Microsoft is also making it easier to install Office 365 mobile applications from your desktop. Simply choose the application you want to install, then send an email or an SMS to the device you want to install it on.

Tool Tips

New tool tips will highlight new and unused features, including recently added applications and actions users need to take.

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