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Outgoing Caller ID (Number Presentation)

Beginning June 30, 2011, phone lines at Cal Poly display their actual numbers when dialing off-campus. This change is needed in order to stay current with modern 911 systems which use Caller ID to determine who is placing the call. Until now, campus phone numbers displayed 805-756-1111 unless employees took steps to opt-in to display their campus phone numbers.

Effective June 30, your extension will display on Caller ID systems unless your Department Telephone Coordinator completes this web form indicating the business need to have an exception. Requests to retain the 805-756-1111 display option for outgoing calls must have previously been received to be exempt from the campus wide change. For multiple exemptions, please use this Excel spreadsheet and indicate the business need next to each phone line.

Requests for your number to display 805-756-1111 typically take five (5) business days to process and the request must be submitted by the Department Telephone Coordinator via our portlet telephone administration forms. There is no charge for this service.

Select Enable Caller ID (if your phone line is currently blocked and you wish to display your actual number).

Select Disable Caller ID (if you want to display 805-756-1111 as your phone number when dialing off campus) Additionally, include your business justification for this request in the Comments box.

Campus callers can block Caller ID for a single call by dialing *42#  plus the phone number you are dialing. This will block your phone number for that single call.


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