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Returning Users Login

Users who have created an account already can login directly at

View Shared Reports

Federal Law, The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), provides that student educational records and information is private unless they choose to share it with select individuals or organizations. Share My Info is a Cal Poly Web Application that provides a way for students to share specific account, academic or financial records with their parents, guardians, scholarship donors, or other people or organizations.  Note: The student's written authorization is still required prior to Cal Poly staff discussing student specific information with Share My Info recipients.

You can access student information shared with you through your Share My Info account.

The first screen parents or others will see when they access Share My Info

Step 1: Sign up for an account

The screen for parents or others to register.

Sign up for your account by clicking Create an Account on the Share My Info home screen and providing required information, including your email address (that will be your login).

If you have successfully requested an account, you will receive a confirmation email to the address you provided with a link to complete the registration process.

View of the Login Screen

Step 2: View shared reports

A view of the Shared Student Reports screen

After you have successfully registered and logged in, your new home screen will always list the reports available for you to view.

If you do not see an expected shared report, email the student to request access.

View a shared report by clicking on "Go" at the end of the report's table row.

About the Shared Report Information

Depending on the information the student has shared with you, you could see up to five sections: Identification and Contact Information; Account and Payment Summary; Financial Aid; Academic Information; and Important Dates.

You can view the reports in two ways:

  • Click the name of the section you want to view to see just that section.
  • Click "Expand All" to view all sections in one screen.
  • Click "Hide All" to hide all expanded sections.

Identification and Contact Information

Identification and Contact Information shows the student’s name and other identifying information which could include email address, home address, phone numbers, birthday, Student ID, and/or residence status.

Account and Payment Summary

Account and Payment Summary shows the student’s account information and may include outstanding account balance, charges due by due date, most recent payments, and/or recent Financial Aid postings.

Please note: Share My Info does not provide direct access to make payments for a student. Get instructions on how to access the online payment system at Online Payment Accounts.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid view

Financial Aid information can show a list of awards, a list of required tasks, and/or a list of estimated costs by academic year.

Academic Information

Academic Information shows the student's GPA, class level, and the time period in which the student was enrolled at Cal Poly.

Important Dates

This section includes links for more information about financial and academic calendars. You will be directed to another website.

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