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Your educational records are private and protected under a Federal law, The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). You may choose to share your Cal Poly information with trusted others (recipients) such as parents or scholarship donors. Share My Info is a Cal Poly Web Application that lets you grant access to specific records or information to one person or a group of people.  

Note: The student's written authorization is still required prior to Cal Poly staff discussing student specific information with Share My Info recipients.

Share My Info also lets you create different groupings of information, called reports. You create a report, choose the information you want in the report, decide who can see the report, and when the report access expires.

Create a Report

Creating a report requires a couple of steps: naming your report, choosing its expiration date, choosing the information to be shared, and then choosing who can view the report. We walk you through it below.

Name your report

Screenshot showing where to enter the nickname

Because you may create several reports during your time at Cal Poly, it is helpful to create unique names for each report.  Report nicknames are viewable to the recipients.

Choose the expiration date

The default expiration date is a one year time period, but you may want to consider extending the date for reports shared with parents.  You can also change the report expiration date (extend or expire) at any time in the future. 

Choose a template report

Screenshot showing the different types of templates.

We've created three suggested templates based on what students typically share with different groups. There is a parent template (indicated by blue dots), a scholarship donor template (red dot), and an "other" template (green dot). When you select a template you will notice that specific items will be selected to share. You can use the template as-is or you can customize the selections (dropping or adding) as you prefer. You can also choose to not use a template and simply select the information you would like to include in the report on your own.

Types of Information

Student Account Information

Screenshot of student account information.

Student Account information includes your account and payment summaries (charges due by due date, recent payments, and financial aid postings). It also includes links to important dates in the academic calendar. 

Financial Aid Information

Screenshot of Financial Aid Information choices

Financial Aid Information includes your awards, awards declined, holds and warnings, estimated costs to attend Cal Poly each quarter as well as items in your Financial Aid To-Do list. You can also choose the years you want to share: all years you have attended Cal Poly or specific aid years.

General Information

Screenshot that shows the General Information options

General Information includes your name, home address and phone number, email address, residency status, class level, GPA and your student Empl ID number. You don't have to share everything; you choose what information you want to share.

Screen shot showing where one clicks to go to the next screen.

Once you have selected the information to include in your report, click "Done" to be taken to the second screen.

Who will see your report

On this screen, you select with whom you will share your information by entering their email address. You can share each report with one or more people or organizations. The person or people chosen will be called your recipients. By default, Share My Info sends an email to each email address you provide with a link to view your report. You have the option to add special notes or instructions to the email or to not send an email to your recipients.

Choose your report group

Screenshot showing the Send Report options.

Enter the email address of the person, people or organization that can view your report.

Additional Text

The student can include an optional message with the report.

Choose to add special instructions or notes if needed.

Option: Send or Don't Send Email

You have the option to not send an email to the people with whom you are sharing information.

By default, an email is sent to each email address with a link to your Shared Report. You can opt out of sending an email if preferred.

Save Your Shared Report

Click "Save" when you are finished.

As long as you didn't opt-out of the email, when you click save the email will be sent to each recipients email address.

View Shared Reports

view shared reports

You have the option to see a history of all the shared reports you have created. You can review the information shared, the people you designated to view the reports, and the report expiration date. You can also modify when the reports expire, in case you need to extend or revoke access.

View Access History Information

Screen that shows the people who have viewed your student records.

You have the option to see who has viewed your reports. You can filter results based on your report or recipients name or you can view all.

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