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Cal Poly offers a broad range of software for use under various licensing and usage agreements. Title availability is dependent upon your Cal Poly role (faculty, staff, student, ASI, affiliate, auxiliary, and emeritus).

Title Description How to Download
Office 365 Each Cal Poly user gets 5 free Office 365 downloads. Office 365 Applications
Academic Use  Defined by your Cal Poly role and program. Academic Use Software
Personal Use Low-cost software available for purchase.  
How to download
Adobe Available to Cal Poly faculty, staff and students. Students | Faculty and Staff
Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (previously Microsoft Imagine Premium) Available to Cal Poly faculty, staff and students.  
How to download
Symantec Anti-virus Available to Cal Poly faculty, staff and students. Academic Use Software

Academic Use Software

Available titles are defined by your Cal Poly role (e.g., faculty, staff or student) and program. Only titles that your role is authorized for will be visible. Emeritus are not eligible.

Titles are intended for academic use (e.g. teaching, developing, supporting, conducting, or taking courses; non-commercial research; design, development, testing, and demonstrating software programs).

It is your responsibility to carefully read and comply with the license agreement (e.g. personal and "work at home" use rights; management of installation codes).

How to Download Academic Use Software

  1. Log in to the My Cal Poly portal.
  2. In the My Apps menu, click the Technical Service Request link.

    Technical Service Request
  3. Click on New Software Request.

    New Software Request
  4. Search by title or publisher – then select your version. For example, clicking on “JMP 12.2 Updater – Windows” automatically fills in software details.

    Software Selection
  5. Next, accept the terms by ticking the Yes radio button. Select the Method of Checkout and click on the Serial & Download Info button.

    Accept Terms
  6. Click on the link title to download the software. Carefully read any installation notes and license information.

  7. Click Save to complete the download and return to the main menu.

To quickly reference your software requests and codes:

  • On the main menu, click My Items.
  • From the drop-down menu, select My Software Requests.

    My Software Requests

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