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SRS Tickets - Best Practices

When submitting SRS tickets, the time it takes to receive a response varies on the volume of tickets submitted and how informative the ticket is. To make sure that your ticket has all the necessary information and to quicken the response time, follow the instructions below. 

Best Practices


Situation is important when technical staff review SRS tickets. It is imperative that they receive as much information as possible before contacting you to solve the problem. The following questions and answers should be taken into consideration when creating your SRS ticket:

  • Are you having problems with your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device (iPad, tablet, cell phone, etc.)?
  • If you are submitting a request for a computer issue, how old is the computer? Is it a Mac or a PC?
  • How long have you have owned/been working on your device?
  • When did the problem with your device first occur? How long has it been occurring?
  • Has this problem happened before?
  • Can you describe the issue? 

This information can help our technical staff become as informed as possible before contacting you to help solve the issue, streamlining the process of resolving the issue. 

Contact Information

Make sure not to forget contact information when filling out SRS tickets. The following list is basic contact information that technical staff will require in order to keep in contact with you about the issue:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email 
  • Location (building and room number)

Once your ticket is submitted, it is up to you and the technical staff to maintain contact regarding the issue until it has be resolved. Make sure that you will be available to answer or return phone calls and emails. 

ITS Desktop Support aims to provide strong technical support and a positive environment to assist in all issues regarding on campus devices. By providing complete and thorough SRS tickets, you are helping our technical staff assist you in the most efficient way possible. 

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