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Your Cal Poly username is a distinctive identifier that associates your Cal Poly account with a broad range of campus services. Usually, it is created from a combination of your first initial and last name (up to eight characters) and followed by

Your Cal Poly email address is the same as your Cal Poly username. When asked for your Cal Poly username, enter it as all lowercase letters. Examples of valid Cal Poly usernames might be or The current system will not permit the separation of a username and email address. A Cal Poly email address is created by combining a username with

How are Cal Poly usernames assigned?

Usernames are assigned automatically using an individual's "preferred" name, as listed under the Personal Info tab on the portal. An algorithm determines usernames based on availability. Users cannot personally choose their Cal Poly usernames and cannot have more than one active username.

The algorithm creates a username based on the following:

  • First initial, last name
  • Last name only
  • First initial, middle initial, last name
  • First two letters of first name, last name
  • Or a combination of the above, plus numbers

Can I change my Cal Poly username?

Only in very rare cases, might a user get a new username. Changing a username requires manual intervention and takes substantial time and effort to ensure that it is changed in all applicable campus systems.

ITS will only change a username if:

  • An individual's legal name is changed.
  • The assigned username represents a credible danger to the health or safety of the individual.
  • The username spells out a word considered inappropriate or offensive to the individual or the university.

Any other exceptions must be approved by the ITS Office of the CIO.

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