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Dashboard: The dashboard is the front page of a Confluence site. It provides an overview of the site, gives access to the spaces that you have permission to view, and displays lists of recently updated content.

You can go to the dashboard from anywhere in your site by choosing the site logo at the top left of the page.

The Space directory displays a list of all the site and personal spaces that you have permission to see.

The People directory displays a list of all Confluence users, including those who have personal spaces.

Space: Spaces are where you create pages, blogs and collaborate with your team.  There are two types of spaces:

  • Site spaces – Sometimes called 'global' spaces, these are areas where you can create content and collaborate with other users.
  • Personal spaces – These spaces can be kept private, or can be opened up for other users to view or edit. Personal spaces are listed in the People Directory.

Pages: Pages are where you create your content.  You can create a blank page, a blog post or use a blueprint to add content to a blank page.

Template: A template is a Confluence page with predefined content

Blueprint: Blueprints are pages created from special templates with the intention of making it easy to add common types of content to pages.  Blueprints contain content and wizards to guide you through the creation process.

Blog: a website containing the writer’s experiences, observations, or opinions, and often having images and links to other websites.  Blog entries are often chronological and are visible to other users as soon as posted.

Macro: A command that represents a sequence of instructions in abbreviated form.

Space Key: A Space Key is a short, unique identifier for a space. For example, you might give your documentation space a key of "DOC". To find the key of an existing space, look at the Confluence URL for a page in the space. The standard Confluence URL has this format:

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