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Phone problems that may surface after phone maintenance or upgrade


Symptom: Forwarding programmed by the user on their phone after may be gone.

Solution: The user will need to re-forward their phone as all “External Call Forward” and “Follow Me” settings are reset during the maintenance.
If you have multiple “Profiles”, your phone will go back to “Profile 1”. Please call the ITS Service Desk (6-7000) if you need assistance with “Profiles”.

Loud Ringer

Symptom: Phone Ringer Volume is too loud.

Solution: Have the user press the “-“ button on their phone to turn down the volume.

No second calls coming in on phone

Symptom: No phone calls are coming in on my second line when I’m on the phone.

Solution: Have the user press the “Accept 2nd Call” button on their phone to turn on this feature.

VM light synchronization

Symptom: The person has VM in their VM box but the Message Waiting light is not lit or, conversely, the VM Message Waiting light may be lit, but when they check VM there are no new messages.

Solution: Have the user call their campus phone number and leave a VM message, and then go into the VM system and remove it. This will re-synch the VM system with the phone set.

Recent calls log

Symptom: When scrolling back through your Recent Calls Log, the log only shows calls coming in since the maintenance.

Solution: None – unfortunately, the Recent Calls Log List is cleared during the maintenance.

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