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Digital Signage or messaging boards are an excellent way to provide and manage dynamic communications within your department or building.

For digital signage to be successful on a campus it must be part of an integrated network that allows for content collaboration and communication between all signs on the campus. In addition, a centralized network allows for emergency messaging and other global messaging needs. The Cal Poly Digital Signage Network is managed by ITS in collaboration with Facilities Services.

How It Works

All signs in the network communicate with a central database which is used to store content and player information. The system is comprised of two main components: a Content Manager and a Content Player.

Content Manager

The Content Manager is used to build and deploy digital signs. With a drag and drop interface, built-in layout editor and multiple deployment methods, the content manager is an intuitive system that allows you to leverage content you already have or easily incorporate new content. The content manager allows for granular control of your content elements from overall player timing to content region management.

Content Player

The content player application sits on the player PC and is the workhorse of the system. The player can be configured to trigger content at various times, turn itself on and off, and communicate with the central server to pick-up new content. The content player manages and logs issues as they occur to keep you up-to-date on the performance and analytics of your content.

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