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DocuSign is 100% legally-binding and secure tool approved for use at Cal Poly. It provides full document encryption, a tamper-proof audit trail, redundant and geo-dispersed data centers, and is fully compliant with the ESIGN Act. Documents sent via DocuSign are encrypted both in transit and at rest.

For even more details, you can read  the Cal Poly Standards on Appropriate Use of Docusign or the Security Information page on DocuSign’s website.

Obtaining Authorized Signatures with DocuSign

Cal Poly maintains strict controls on signing authority; only authorized personnel may sign contracts and other documents that legally bind the university. If, in the course of your work at Cal Poly, anyone asks you to sign a contract or legal document for Cal Poly, you should contact the office of University Legal Counsel to determine if you have appropriate authority.

In general, the use of DocuSign should be handled similar to the routing of a paper document on campus:

  • Send or sign only DocuSign documents that you have the authority to send or sign via paper
  • Request signatures via DocuSign from individuals whom you have the authority to request their signature
  • Check with the owner of a document process before setting up a DocuSign routing of their document, and similarly, know their accepted process for routing a document for signature approval

Do not use DocuSign to countersign a contract or legal document that purports to be binding on the university, even if you have sent it out for signature through DocuSign, without first checking to see if you have authority to do so.

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