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New Process for Returned State Property - iPhones


iPhones that have been turned into departments by previous users may not be available for re-activation due to an Apple feature called Activation Lock.  

  1. If you are receiving an iPhone due to an equipment upgrade, cancelling service, or assumption of liability, PLEASE follow the instructions below to ensure that the device would be available to a future user and not allow it to enter into Activation Lock mode.  
  2. If you are wanting to use a used iPhone in your department for a new user, you will have to remove this feature prior to it being available for activation. This process takes 10 business days to be completed through Apple, and requires proof of purchase information (serial number from back of box and customer receipt). IF you do NOT have the proof of purchase, please have your telephone coordinator submit a service request through their Cal Poly Portal to request a copy of customer receipt and copy of back of box for this specific cell phone/device.  


In order for the iPhone to be usable with future users it is critical that you have the user complete these two steps. 

  1. Turn off iCloud on device 
    1. Unlock iPhone, Go into Settings 
    2. Select iCloud 
    3. Scroll to bottom and select SIGN OUT 
    4. Enter password 
    5. If another window shows, select REMOVE DEVICE from Find My iPhone 
  2. Restore device to Factory Settings 
    1. Go back to main settings page 
    2. Select GENERAL 
    3. Scroll to bottom and select RESET 

We will not be able to complete your service request until you verify that these steps have been completed. 

​NOTE: We will make every attempt to remind you of this process when cancelling service, assumption of liability, and/or equipment upgrade service requests.  

In cases where you want to use a used iPhone, there are two different ways to have Activation Lock removed: 

  1. If your department’s devices are enrolled in Mobile Device Management (MDM), then the MDM server can send a special command to the device that will remove Activation Lock.  

    NOTE: Only a few departments on campus are enrolled in this management feature, please ask your telephone coordinator or CITC if this is a feature your department has for cell phones. 
  2. If these devices are NOT enrolled in MDM then AppleCare can remove the Activation Lock on your device. You will need to follow the process here to request the removal of Activation Lock from Apple. 

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