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Email Questions

  1. What is my quota?
    All accounts now have a 50 GB (gigabyte) email quota. Additionally, all accounts have a 1 TB (terabyte) OneDrive quota.
  2. How large can email attachments be?
    25 MB
  3. How many signatures can I have?
    Outlook Web Application supports one email signature. If you prefer having more than one, you can simulate them by using Templates. In your email, click Apps, then My Templates to create the templates you need. 
  4. How does spellcheck work?
    Outlook Web App uses your browser's spell checker. This happens automatically and can be configured using your web browser's settings.
  5. How many emails can I send? 
    In Office 365, the recipient limit is 500 per message. That includes the To, CC, and BCC fields combined. The daily limit is 10,000 recipients in a 24 hour period. Email accounts are also restricted to 30 messages per minute (which applies to mail merge software, etc.). We recommend using Sympa Distribution Lists for large mailings. Sending to a distribution list only counts as one (1) recipient and one (1) message. More information from Microsoft is here (opens in a new window).

Calendar Questions

  1. How do I create an All Day Event at the top of my calendar?
    In the Calendar App, click New, and under Duration, select "All Day". Make sure that "Show As" is set to "Free". 
  2. How do I work as a delegate? 
    Full instructions and screenshots on working as a calendar delegate are here. 
  3. How do I open the calendar of an account that is hidden in the Cal Poly Directory?
    You cannot open the calendar of an account that has their information restricted in the Cal Poly directory.  In addition, when attempting to search the directory for the address when creating an email, the address will not be found.  You can type the full address in the TO line and it will be delivered to the account.

    To open an account so that it can be located in the directory and the calendar can be viewed, an SRS ticket needs to be submitted to the Service Desk by the account owner.  The request should include the account name and that the "information restriction" flag be removed from the account in the Cal Poly Directory.

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