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Websetup is a Central UNIX application used for repairing file and folder permissions on your web account if the UNIX permissions have been broken or if you have deleted your “public_html” folder. Websetup will NOT restore files lost if you have deleted the public_html folder.

Rules for running Websetup:


  1. Run websetup ONLY on personal UNIX accounts (faculty, staff, student).
    DO NOT run websetup on club or dept ulib accounts.
  2. If you have deleted the “public_html” folder:
    Contact the Service Desk if you delete the public_html folder on a club or dept ulib account. Why? The websetup routine will not properly rebuild the public_html folder for either of these accounts. If you delete the public_html folder on a personal UNIX account, run websetup to recreate it (this will NOT restore files lost when you deleted the folder).

Instructions for running Websetup:

<ENTER> refers to pressing enter on the keyboard.

  1. Login to Central UNIX using a secure SSH client.
  2. To make the connection requires you to enter the name of the server:
  3. Your user name and password are the same as your My Cal Poly login. Contact the Service Desk if you do not have an account or do not know your login information.
  4. At the percent (%) prompt, type: websetup <ENTER>
  5. Verify that the public_html folder was created by typing: ls <ENTER>

The websetup program will create a default web page "index.html" in the public_html folder. The page will contain the following text:

"This personal web page has not been updated by the owner."

It is important that you refer to the UNIX Technical Issues if you are not familiar with the purpose of the index.html page.

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